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Your Succulent Beauty (YSB) strives to bring unique succulent beauty into your everyday living space. 

Each YSB product has been handcrafted in Sydney with fresh succulents. 

The founders behind YSB is a mother and daughter team- Ellen (mother) and Rhea (daughter). Together they share a love for succulents and creating beautiful products to share with others.

A word from Rhea (YSB Founder)

terrarium, succulents

Welcome to Your Succulent Beauty!

A few years ago I was taught how to make succulent terrariums from a friend. I immediately became hooked! Our garden was full of succulents, so I had a plentiful and varied supply of succulents to choose from when making our terrariums.

My mum and I love how each succulent is a unique shape and colour. Arranging succulents to enhance their natural beauty is what we strive to do at YSB.

Looking forward to sharing Our YSB collection with you!